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Fotoshooting mit Asmaa
Und ein wunderbarer Artikel in Englisch

For Monika / from Asmaa Abdallah aus Kairo

Many many years ago, when the possibilities seemed as endless as the years that were yet to come, when my dreams were bigger and brighter than the brightest stars, when I believed that the world was a beautiful, magical place that would serve me my dreams on a silver plate, I believed I would become a model. Of course, I also believed that I would marry Prince Charming and live in a castle. Needless to say, neither dream has come true.

That is until, one of my most favorite people on this planet Micha asked me some weeks ago whether I would be interested in her taking some pictures of wearing some designs by Monika . Before I could say anything she had offered to send me pictures of said designs to make sure that I liked them first. Little did she know that I didn’t need to see anything, not only because I would never refuse Micha any request ever, but because I would finally be fulfilling my lifelong dream of modeling once and for all! So without even glancing at the pictures I agreed. It was later that night when the anxiety and guilt started gnawing at my conscience. Poor unsuspecting Monika was clearly getting the raw end of the deal: while she was kickstarting my modeling career, her designs were being modeled by an inexperienced nobody in the world of modeling – but also an unprofessional one who has not bothered herself to do something as simple as viewing the clothes she’d actually be modeling. I had by then decided that said modeling career would not be kickstarted, in fact, due to my failure to prepare and general incompetence at life, and also because my dreams are no longer bigger and brighter than the brightest stars. But I told Micha none of this.

A few weeks later I was happily receiving Micha in Cairo and after some catching up, the handing over of the mandatory Swiss chocolate, she asked me if I wanted to see and maybe try on the clothes. The moment of truth – in Micha’s words! – was upon us and soon Micha and her unsuspecting friend would realize the error of their ways when they decided to ask me to model for them.

But suddenly my guilt and anxiety were replaced by a feeling that usually only descends upon me within the premises of a shopping mall. The fabrics, colors and fit. Everything was perfect. It was even more perfect than the Swiss chocolate Micha had brought me. Mine was the satisfaction of finding not only one, but many pieces all which were equally beautiful, comfortable and hugged you in all the right places. I was so ecstatic that for a moment there I didn’t notice that the photographer in Micha was already out in full force, snapping away as I blissfully tried on piece after piece.

And for a moment, when it seemed that the world was a beautiful magical place that would serve me my dreams on a silver platter, I wondered if Micha or Monika knew where I could find my Prince Charming….


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